These Are Our New Clients’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

How is Craven Financial Planning different?

Our firm is not tied to the products and services of any one institution, giving us the ability to offer truly independent advice. The primary focus of the firm is proper financial planning. Through our time in business we have crafted thousands of financial plans but seldom encounter plans written by competitor firms. We also understand that no matter what designations or experience we have, clients tell us that our high level of service and our trustworthiness is what is most important to them.

What do you typically help clients with?

We take a multi-disciplinary, full-planning approach to working with clients. Practically speaking this means we assist clients with much more than just managing their investments. From paying down debt, to saving for retirement, and saving for children’s education, younger clients have a lot on their plate. We evaluate their financial strengths and weaknesses and help them prioritize their goals. Older clients tend to be more concerned with retirement income, reducing tax, and probate and passing things like farms, businesses and investments on to the next generation which is another of our specialties. Our approach makes both young and old feel organized and at ease.

Is it safe dealing with an independent firm?

FundEX Investments Inc. is our firm’s mutual fund dealer. The dealer oversees its advisors on all matters of compliance with routine audits and day-to-day scrutiny of our mutual fund activity. Unlike many other dealerships, FundEX is a “flat fee” dealer. This means Craven Financial Planning pays a flat monthly fee to the dealer rather than being subject to the “pay grids” of other dealers. Pay grids can create conflicts of interest. Working with a dealer like FundEX, which strictly monitors its advisors yet offers them the ability to provide independent advice as an advantage to clients. Craven Financial Planning has also developed plans for the ongoing care of our clients in the event of Bill Craven’s death, disability or retirement. 

How does Craven Financial Planning monitor my investments and affairs?

Our firm focuses on highly-rated, actively-managed funds. We invest in independent research tools for ongoing scrutiny and comparison purposes. We will have ongoing scheduled review meetings to update you on progress. We don’t wait for these meetings to suggest any positive changes that may be advisable. We contact you about such changes immediately.

I’m already pretty organized. Why would I need your firm?

You may very well be the financially savvy and organized one in your family, but what happens if you are no longer able to fulfill this role due to an illness or death? Also consider that as time goes on you will continue to face new and unfamiliar stages of life. Over the years, we have assisted many families. The earlier we can begin the relationship of trust and service, the better for all. If you are currently managing things on your own, we would like to offer you a “second opinion” on your affairs. You may find a greater level of planning and organization can be had for no greater cost.

How does Craven Financial Planning get paid?

In nearly all cases our firm is paid no differently than your current advisor. Most of the new clients we meet already have money invested with another advisor, bank or financial institution. These current advisors are receiving fees or commissions for the ongoing oversight of accounts. When you choose to work with Craven Financial Planning, we become the dealer of record on your account and begin being paid for our work with you. Most clients report an increase in organization, financial planning and service at no additional cost over and above their previous arrangements.

What is my next step?

If you are interested in finding out more about Craven Financial Planning, please call or email us to book a “getting acquainted meeting” with Bill Craven. This will allow you to discuss your items of interest and determine if working with Craven Financial Planning is a fit for you. The meeting is cost-free and without obligation.

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