Plan, Protect, Preserve

“The planning forms the foundation of all of the work that we do for our clients”….Bill Craven.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Children’s Education Planning

Debt Repayment Planning

RRSP/RRIF/RESP/RDSP/LIRA/LIF/TFSA/ Group RRSPs/Group Pensions/Term Deposits/Mutual Funds/ETF and Index Funds.


Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Segregated Funds

Guaranteed Investment Accounts

Group and Personal Benefits

“Our experience in life and health insurance enables us to protect our client’s future from youth to old age. This approach can protect a client from risks ranging from the loss of a bread winner, financial loss due to illness, investment loss due to market volatility and investment loss due to tax and probate at death. This approach is not available at your local bank.”

…Bill Craven.

“People spend their whole lives building wealth in their investment portfolios, businesses, farms, homes and cottages. They deserve to work with a professional who can help them maintain this wealth for their lifetimes and pass it on to their intended heirs.”…Bill Craven.


Estate Planning

Farm and Business Succession Planning 

Probate and Tax Minimization Strategies. Planned Charitable Giving Strategies.

Trusted Since 1991

Bill Craven, Certified Financial Planner

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